Yoga with Aminah

Place a hand over your heart and acknowledge the beautiful beat within… each thump echoing blood moving through its chambers and into arteries. Our heart is an intricate organ… made of membranes and magic!  When we live HEART-CENTERED lives we tend to live longer and with greater ease.

May your heart be happy!


The Playscape is a wellness destination and uplifting community committed to longevity through yoga, nature and PLAY!



“My goal is always to empower people to practice yoga beyond my class – if we only practice together in studio, we fail to discover just how profoundly yoga enhances our life.” – Aminah, SYP Owner
“Since attending Yoga with Aminah regularly my chiropractor has noticed a difference –  fewer adjustments have been needed!” – Erin, SYP Member
“Aminah’s approach to children’s yoga is empowering for parents as well as young people.  She is patient, playful and personalized in Family Yoga.”  – Rachael, SYP Client


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